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At Last, Phenomenal Living Room Furniture, Priced Just Right!

Although you may not often think about it, our living room furniture reflects quite a bit about us and how we see ourselves. Considering how much yours may be saying about you and your sense of style, it’s in your interest to redecorate and reevaluate it every now and then, as an exercise in self-expression. When you visit Roberts Furniture & Mattress, you’ll find more styles and variations of essential pieces and sets than you ever thought possible, and in exactly the colors and fabrics you need for a look and feel that’s uniquely you! Make furniture shopping fun by coming around to Hampton Roads’ choice for style and price.

Our Super Sofa Set Selection

The right living room sofa set has a significant impact on your overall design theme, so take some time to select one that reflects your own unique style. We carry classic and sophisticated traditional, sleek and streamlined contemporary, and everything in between including family-friendly transitional designs wearing stainproof performance fabric! We strive to provide a wide range of diverse options, making it easy for everyone to find a sofa and loveseat that will fit in seamlessly with the rest of the room. All our sofas are crafted from sturdy, reliable materials. In upholstery alone we offer real leather, microfiber and more. Here you’ll find hundreds of models to choose from, including luxurious reclining sofas so you can share like a good host. Our array of sofa sets is so easy on your finances you can consider getting a matching armchair and oversize ottoman! No matter what type of sofa you are looking to buy, you can always expect to receive superior looks and craftsmanship here.

Awesome Living Room Recliners for the Last Word in Relaxation

Who wouldn’t want to retire to their own living room recliner after a long and grueling day of work? Our closeout prices make this dream a reality for shoppers like you. We carry every sort of reclining chair you could possibly imagine, some coupled with dual motor capabilities, a real treat for every inch of your back, neck and legs. Your head is cradled in comfort while at the same time your back’s crucial lumbar region gets perfect support as you find your ideal reclining position. Control everything at the mere touch of a button, as you sink and slumber into the epitome of solo-upholstery, comfort and luxury. Need some more individual attention after a demanding workout or household chores? Ask about our still eminently affordable power recliners with heat and massage!

Sprawling Sectional Sofas Made Simple

When it comes to living room sectionals, if you have the square footage to fill, we help you really get the party started! You and your guests can rock out on ginormous three-piece sectionals clothed in everything from plush polyester in bold primary hues to models in vinyl but including the feel of real leather on the seats. These babies are built for real family living too, with refinements such as solid wood blocks in the corners and ultra-high-density foam cushions. You’ll have a valued piece that’ll last many years, still looking good as new. Enjoy details such as consoles for your remote, and neat cupholders.

Make your lounge the showplace it should be! Shop smart for living room furniture, priced low every day at our furniture stores in Hampton, Newport News, and York County, VA.