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Drift Away to Your Best Night’s Rest with Sierra Sleep by Ashley

Join the legions of Roberts Furniture & Mattress customers who had despaired of having the perfect mattress and pillow combo until finding one of our Sierra Sleep solutions. These lab-tested, sleeper-approved memory foam and hybrid mattresses please even the most demanding sleeper so you will finally get the 7-9 hours of shuteye the doctors say you need. Even better, Roberts can offer you these spectacular mattresses and pillows at Virginia’s lowest prices. Let’s get started on finding you the Sierra Sleep answer for your optimal health.

Perfect Contouring and Support: Sierra Sleep Mattresses

Whether your preferred “ride” for the night is a twin or king mattress, Sierra Sleep employs the same advances in memory foam and coil technology that have skyrocketed the foam’s popularity since it was developed for NASA in the ’60s. One of our customers’-choice Sierra Sleep mattresses is a decadently deep 12-inch queen mattress (America’s favorite mattress size) with exactly the right amount of “spring” in the surface foam to take over from tired muscles to handle your body’s support, affording you complete relaxation. A firm foam core does the heavy lifting while soft foam layers, gel inserts, and pocketed coils, augmented by the soft mattress topper of your choice, give you the feeling of floating on a cloud! Further, progress in memory-foam manufacturing making it more “breatheable” gives you temperature control for uninterrupted slumber. Sound good? It should, because it is! Try one of our Sierra Sleep mattresses in-store to feel for yourself.

State-of-the-Art Support and Temperature Control: Sierra Sleep Pillows

Once you’re situated with your new Sierra Sleep mattress, now it’s time to consider vital support for your head and neck. Maybe the real down pillows you fondly remember just aren’t good enough anymore. Sierra Sleep pillows, on the other hand, such as the popular Zephyr Performance Pillow, use an innovative mix of memory foam and soft man-made down for support and air flow.

For restful nights refined to a science, you can’t beat Sierra Sleep by Ashley mattresses and pillows. At last, you CAN afford decent mattresses for every bed in your home.

Check out our Newport News, VA store’s selection through the links on this page, then stop by to get started on your personalized sleep solution. Sweet dreams: you’ll have them knowing you saved BIG.